Star Wars rebels get some love too – Garage Italia Customs delivers new Fiat 500 with R2-D2 & BB-8 livery [gallery]

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Remember how everyone is taking up the Dark Side of the Force and has vehicles inspired by the evil enactors? Even Garage Italia Customs had the Fiat 500e Stormtrooper at the Los Angeles Auto Show.

But at least the tuner house has redeemed itself by delivering another twelve cars for the European premieres of Star Wars: The Force Awakens in countries such as Denmark, Germany, Spain, and the United Kingdom. More importantly, in Switzerland Garage Italia Customs delivered the very interesting and unique models inspired by two fan favorites – the R2-D2 and BB-8 robots. The first one is the R2-D2 inspired Fiat 500 – which is only normal since the blue guy has been around for far longer than the other one. It comes with a Fiat 500 clad in white and blue with tinted windows, two-tone alloy wheels, and matching R2-D2 emblems. The bespoke cabin features White Foglizzo leather seats with Blue Alcantara inserts, a leather-wrapped dashboard, contrast stitching, as well as light blue accents and “hand-done ‘damage’ effect aerography.” There’s also some Star Wars badging, a two-tone steering wheel and an Alcantara headliner.

The other fan favorite – the Fiat 500 drawing inspiration from the BB-8 droid comes with a white and gold exterior tinted with gray accents. Also present are the compulsory BB-8 emblems as well as two-tone alloys, or the “Oneway” film graphics on the windows. The trio of colors carries over inside the cabin with White and Orange Foglizzo leather and gray Alcantara trim. Star Wars badging, contrast stitching, and the orange-painted dashboard are also present.