Subaru and Lexus named best brands

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According to Kelley Blue Book’s 2016 Brand Image Awards, Subaru has the best brand image among new car buyers, while Lexus tops the premium rankings.

Kelley Blue Book’s Brand Image Awards are based on consumer automotive perception data gather by the company from its tracking study on the matter, from more than 12,000 in-market new-car buyers. The rankings are made taking into account watch factors such as affordability, driving comfort and performance, reliability, exterior and interior styling or fuel efficiency. After Honda previously dominated the category for the past three years, Subaru has now been named the Best Overall Brand for 2016, securing the highest average scores among all automakers thanks to a strong consumer perception of the Outback and Forester. In addition, Subaru also claimed Most Trusted Brand and Best Performance Brand for 2016, after winning both accolades last in 2015.

For 2016, Lexus grabbed the Best Overall Luxury Brand title from last year’s winner Porsche by obtaining the top average watch factor scores among all premium makers, an achievement driven primarily by its ES and RX models. Lexus reclaimed its Most Trusted Luxury Brand award for 2016, after Mercedes-Benz won it last year. Truck fans preferred once again the Ford models, as the Blue Oval was named the Best Overall Truck Brand category. Ford has won seven out of the eight times Kelley Blue Book has announced this award, only Toyota outranking them in 2013.

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2016 Brand Image Award Winners: Non-Luxury Brands Subaru Best Overall Brand Subaru Most Trusted Brand Honda Best Value Brand GMC Most Refined Brand Subaru Best Performance Brand Chrysler Best Car Styling Brand

2016 Brand Image Award Winner: Truck Brand Ford Best Overall Truck Brand

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