Tata Motors’ newest worldwide ambassador is none other than Lionel Messi

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Probably the world’s greatest football (soccer) player, Argentinean-born and FC Barcelona-raised Lionel Messi, has decided to partner with India’s Tata Motors – and now acting as its global brand ambassador. The automaker mostly known for flopping the world’s cheapest automobile – the Nano – and for being the owner of British luxury brands Jaguar and land Rover has tapped the en vogue footballer to promote worldwide the group’s light vehicles. Messi, captain of the Aergentinean national team and player of FC Barcelona has made a two-year deal, which could be extended afterwards if successful. He will embark first on the association campaign, #madeofgreat, a strategy that follows the company’s philosophy of “providing best-in-class innovations in the passenger vehicles segment with a combination of stunning design, thrilling performance and exciting new technologies.” “Namaste India”, were the first words of the star during the announcement. “Tata Motors is a true representation of India and a well-established brand, globally. It is important to believe in yourself and keep pushing to achieve success and that is what the first campaign stands for. I hope together we are able to inspire many more.” Tata needs all the attention it can get because as of late its British luxury subsidiary has been propping the group’s finances, impacted by the recent developments at home in India where the auto market is just recovering from an industry-wide crisis. And just to catch the hang of the campaign involving Messi, we also have the first promotional video, you can see it after the break.