Teased – Mercedes-Benz Vision Tokyo Concept

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Mercedes-Benz is teasing the new Vision Tokyo Concept, a brand new minivan, which will debut at the 2015 Tokyo Motor Show, later on this week. The 3-pointed star couldn’t miss out on the 2015th edition of the Tokyo Motor Show and one of the models which will be unveiled at the event is called the Vision Tokyo Concept. The vehicle is a brand new minivan concept, with a futuristic design, previewed by the image posted above. The sketch, as you might have guessed, is not revealing basically anything important on its design except for the fact that the rear windows seem to have been replaced by a metal-like panel. We can notice the rakish windscreen, the slender headlights which are probably coming with the LED technology, what seems to be a roof scoop or a large antenna, large alloy wheels and that’s about all. The side door has a split opening making access to the rear seats easier. The wheelbase has been made as long as possible and this is going to receive a lot of digital screens. A fully electric powertrain is expected to be found under its hood, but this hasn’t been confirmed so far. Chances are this will receive a production version in the years to come. More details on the new Mercedes-Benz Vision Tokyo Concept will be announced later this week, during the Japanese automotive event.