Tesla Introduces New Entry-Level Model X 60D

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Following the release of the base Tesla Model S 60 sedan earlier last month, the U.S. automaker revealed a bargain-basement variant of its Model X SUV, carrying a $74,000 price tag.

The new Model X 60D packs the same battery and motors as the more expensive Model X 75D. In the 60D, the battery is limited to 60 kilowatt-hours by software, giving the 60D a range of 200 miles. That’s 37 miles off of the 75D’s range of 237 miles.

As the name suggests, the 60D retains a dual-motor all-wheel-drive configuration, allowing the SUV to crack 60 mph in the same 6.0 seconds on its way to a top speed of 130 mph.

Two hundred miles of range isn’t enough for some people’s needs, so Tesla will unlock the full 75-kWh potential of the battery for an additional $9,000. If buyers want the full 237-mile range immediately, they might be better off purchasing a Model X 75D outright.

The 60D’s range of 200 miles is slightly less than the Model S 60’s 210 miles, likely thanks to the dual-motor setup and a heavier curb weight.

Deliveries for the Model X 60D should begin in late September.