Tesla likely to open factory in Germany

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Tesla is currently negotiating with German authorities about setting up a battery manufacturing facility in the country. The German Economy Minister, Sigmar Gabriel, admitted that Tesla’s CEO, Elon Musk, was tasked with discussing with the German government about building a greenfield battery plant in Germany. The current negotiations are mainly linked with the possibility that the German government offers state support and incentives in order to back the new investment. Minister Gabriel admitted that “we are in talks” and mentioned that Elon Musk’s intentions are rather clear: “I assume he will want public funds.” However, the statement made by Minister Gabriel during a visit at a Mercedes Benz car plant in Rastatt contained no indication on the timeframe of the investment or any other significant details. If the plans do go ahead and Tesla opens a new facility in Germany, it will allow the American automaker to bite more into the market share of luxury brand giants such as Merdeces / Daimler and BMW. Moreover, a new German plant would strengthen Tesla’s position on the global auto market, in the context of them opening the Gigafactory, a huge battery facility which is under construction as we speak, near Reno, in the American state of Nevada. On the other hand, Tesla’s Munich-based spokesperson, Kathrin Schira, claimed that the company has “no current plans” to build a facility in Germany and refused to comment on the rumors concerning the negotiations with the German government. Via Automotive News Europe