Tesla updates Model X range ahead of sales debut

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Tesla Motors has decided to make sure its upcoming Model X crossover will get a head start in front of competitors, deciding to increase the range of its battery-electric SUV just ahead of launch. The update affects both the well-known Model S luxury sedan and the Model X crossover, which until now was expected to be able to go for around 240 miles between charges. If anyone looks at the configuration page now will see the carmaker now says the numbers are better by around 4 percent, with the Model S now good for 250 miles when employing the highest available option – the 90-kilowatt-hour battery pack. But green consumers should be ready to shell out a shock figure – the Model X P90D, with its all wheel drive twin motor configuration will go for at least $132,000, which is about $5,000 above the asking price for the comparable Model S sedan. And going for the ludicrous “Ludicrous Mode” will make your wallet even lighter, since it’s an option that costs another $10,000. The performance of the Model X will be enough to deliver a supercar sprint to 60 mph – 3.2 seconds, not very far from the comparable Model S that hits it in under 3 seconds flat. The Model X will finally reach eager customers in less than a month – with a delay of around two years though form the moment that its company CEO, Elon Musk wanted it to reach the market. The executive confirmed the second model was more than a “challenge” for the team and they were also unable to source the majority of parts from the Model S as originally anticipated.