Tesla’s Musk says VW was “bad” but CO2 emissions are the main antagonists here

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Tesla Motors co-founder and chief executive officer Elon Musk says the news that Volkswagen AG had cheated on a massive scale on diesel emission tests is of course “bad”, but the main antagonist for the world remain the carbon dioxide emissions. Last week on Friday the Environmental Protection Agency announced the German automaker had cheated on its emission testing procedures and a few days later the company admitted the wrongdoings, the chief executive officer Martin Winterkorn resigned and the group announced that a total of 11 million vehicles may have been equipped with the misleading software around the world. “It’s very important that we take action today to recognize that we are making a very significant change to the chemical constituency of the atmosphere and the oceans,” commented Musk while in Germany at a seminar of the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy. “It’s very important that we do something.” The massive diesel cheating scandal that has engulfed the German automaker – also Europe’s biggest and the world’s largest – is putting additional pressure on diesel emissions across the industry. Volkswagen itself has already set aside 6.5 billion euros ($7.3 billion) to cover the potential costs of its violation of regulator laws and consumer trust. Musk added that Germany is “really great” when it comes to sustainable power production but then fails to uphold the mark on consumption. VW CEO Martin Winterkorn has decided to resign after the revelations and other executives – if found responsible – could be ousted in an effort to clean up the company and regain consumer and regulatory trust. VW’s move to use malevolent software in millions of its “clean diesel” models has taken a heavy toll on the market capitalization – loosing almost 20 billion euros this week. Via Automotive News Europe