The Big Al snowmobile, designed by Barris, of course. Who else would make this goofy thing?

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Manufactured by Alouette by Featherweight Corporation of Montreal, Quebec, Canada. The 1971 Big Al was not a production line vehicle, but one of the extravagant and short-lived machines built by manufacturers to promote their company through rapid-acceleration competitions. It joined the ranks of models named Boss Cat by Arctic Cat, the Sno Pony Challenger, OMC Pegasus, and Bombardier’s X4R. Unlike other extravagant vehicles, the Big Al was made mostly of Featherweight production parts used in its regular snowmobiles. Its originality stems from how these components were combined. Rack-and-pinion steering with adjustable front deflector and rear spoiler. Carburetors synchronized with a hydraulic pedal. Two Hurst Air Heart hydraulic disk brakes. 3.6 metre dragster-style parachute. Two stainless steel gas tanks that could be jettisoned. Formula extinguisher that automatically put out flames.