The Buffalo Central Terminal, one of the world’s largest and most impressive abandoned railway stations.

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Other buildings included a Pullman Company service building (demolished 1966), an ice house (demolished 1966), and a coach shop (demolished 1966), and power station smokestack which were all torn down to lower property taxes. The last time this changed owners at auction it sold for only $100,000

when it was abandoned in 1971, as the railroad empire collapsed, and people turned to cheap and fast passenger airliners, it was deemed to expensive to demolish, and so the city didn't bother wasting the money. Just like Detroit's many abandoned and standing big buildings... no one wants to deal with the hazmat and asbestos removal

The clock in the center of the concourse, sold by earlier owners, was located in Chicago in 2003. In late 2004, the clock was purchased for $25,000 through fund raising. The clock was on display in the Terminal during the 2005 event season. In the fall of 2005, it was relocated to the lobby of M and T Center in downtown Buffalo, where it remained until spring of 2009.

The clock was then moved back to its original location in the Terminal concourse where it will sit permanently on public display.

With help from public donations, the CTRC acquires one of the Terminal's original light fixtures for $3,000 from a Toronto antique dealer. After raising the $3000, the dealer agrees to donate the fixture to the CTRC.

and there are a couple good galleries at from about 12 years ago