The Bugatti Chiron breaths in your face in latest pics coming from Italy

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A lucky and ready guy has caught the Bugatti Chiron test prototype while undergoing public road trials in Italy and naturally uploaded his finding on Instagram. We all know the tumultuous history of the Bugatti Veyron – billed as “the most” in many categories – including the one that involves losing money. Never mind the finances – this is something that concerns VW AG, the owner of the brand – what we care about is that the outrageous model in 10 years of production hit the land speed record for production cars a few times. And more importantly the marquee is now doing the work to bring a proper replacement to the world – rumored to be named “Chiron”, the same moniker used by a concept back in 1999. We have in front of us now a test mule that seems to already be deploying the production design and from what we can see the body takes numerous hints from the already showcased Vision Gran Turismo concept Bugatti brought to IAA in Frankfurt in September. The overall shape has been retained but the assembly now somehow breaths “lightness” any angle you look at it – even as the new model will most likely be a hybrid megacar, meaning that actually we’re treated to even more hardware than before. Local market rumors hint at a maximum speed of 280 mph (450 km/h), with the zero to 62 mph (0-100 km/h) sprint delivered in a little over two seconds. Powertrain deployment that has been suggested throughout reports so far indicates towards a refreshed 8.0-liter W16 quad-turbo fitted with e-turbo technology and delivering up to 1,500 PS (1,103 kW) – the cost will also be dear though, something in the range of 2.2 million euros. Via Erico Hessel