The EV market did not expand as fast as everyone would have thought, Henrik Fisker says

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The man who brought to the world the first luxury electric car 5 years ago says the EVs has not evolved as quick as the industry expected, but still believes in their future.

Henrik Fisker is well known as the founder of Fisker Automotive in 2007 and the man behind the Fisker Karma luxury sedan, BMW Z8 or Aston Martin DB9, but after his company went into bankruptcy, he has embarked on some new projects. Fisker is now a founding partner – alongside Bob Lutz and Gilbert Villarreal – and also head of design at the newly emerged VLF Automotive. The newcomer in the automotive industry revealed this year at the Detroit Auto Show two “true American” supercars, the VLF Destino and the VLF Force 1 V10.

There were no signs of electric or hybrid powertrains under these new projects, but Fisker still believes in the electric-future, as he told Tech Insider in an interview. However, the green trend did not have the proper market impact that the carmakers thought it would have. “Everyone was extremely optimistic about it 10 years ago, about the EV market, and it didn’t exactly turn out as optimistic as everyone saw it,” he said. “It didn’t move as quick as we expected.”

The designer believes that there are not yet many electric-options as they should be and the buyers are still reluctant to the technology manly because of the limited range issues. “The choice for consumers is still fairly limited, but in my mind there’s no doubt electric cars are here to stay,” he said. “It is going to be a growing segment and it will continue to grow.”

Via Tech Insider