The Germans fall in love with Ford Mustang

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As strange as it sounds, March selling numbers in Germany show Ford Mustang on top of the sports car segment.

You would imagine that no other sporty car sold in Germany could reach the same high level of popularity as the iconic Porsche 911 or Audi TT. However, March selling numbers reveal somewhat a surprise in this direction. And more striking is the fact that such a bombshell comes from America in the form of a muscle car. According to data published by the German Federal Motor Transport Authority, Ford Mustang beat its rivals to become Germany’s top-selling sports coupe in March. “Germans have fallen in love with the Mustang. Driving a Mustang GT on the Autobahn is a one of a kind experience for people who love cars,” said Wolfgang Kopplin, managing Director Ford Germany.

There were 780 Mustangs sold last month, coming on top of Germany’s “darlings” such as Porsche 911 (752 cars), Audi TT (708 units) and Mercedes-Benz E-Class Coupe (532 models). As for the first quarter of the year, Mustang was preferred by 1,823 customers, while 911 drew attention from the 1,811 buyers. Audi’s TT stayed the most-wanted coupe for the period, with 2,299 units sold. By the end of 2015, more than 13,000 customers worldwide ordered the new Ford Mustang, which went on sale in Europe last summer for the first time in the icon’s 51-year history.