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the 1925 Kissel Gold Bug Model 75 Speedster has extensive records of previous ownership and has been restored several times. This vehicle has won awards at numerous auto shows, and is truly one-of-a-kind due to the low production of Kissel Kars. It’s believe to be only one of five left in the world.

Believed to be only one of three 1936 Pierce Arrow Country Club's existing today, this car has been completely repainted to custom “Butternut Coffee” colors. The car has been stored in a climate controlled building since it was purchased, and only has 10, 674 miles.The car was owned by Allan Atherton, an antique car collector from Dexter, Iowa, for close to 30 years. In the early 1980’s, at the height of the farm crisis in Iowa, Mr. Atherton was forced to liquidate most of his antique car collection. This is when Mr. Quam purchased the car from the bank in Dexter, Iowa.


1926 Peerless model 56 below


Mr Quam rarely showed this car to the public. Mr. Harrah was noted as saying, this was the best preserved original car that he had ever seen and owned, and today, it ranks as a Condition 1 Preservation Vehicle. The car was originally purchased new by Peter Fank in Iowa, in 1920. He drove it sparingly for 10 years, when the car was parked “on blocks” in a garage at the family home, in about 1930. The mileage of 21,597 is believed to be the actual mileage of the vehicle, based on Mr. Fank dying in 1937 and the car remained “on blocks” until the death of his sister Josephine in 1964. The car was “discovered” after her death. Harrah then purchased the car through one of his agents in 1964. The car is in unbelievable original condition and out of the public eye since it was sold by Harrah’s, in 1984. To illustrate just how original and untouched this car is, it still has the factory installed original white rubber radiator hoses on the factory V-8 engine.The original factory tool kit for this car is in the trunk, as well as the original air hose kit for airing up the tires. Peerless automobiles had an air compressor incorporated into the engine that was driven off the timing gear. Both original spare tires are with the car

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