The McLaren 675LT will soon get a complete makeover courtesy of Edo Competition

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For now, the Woking-sourced supercar is being quietly featured in this nice gallery that places it in a beautiful industrial landscape – as a nod to the company’s obsession for exquisite mechanical efficiency.

But later on this teaser campaign will transform into Edo Competition’s tuning program for the 675 Longtail. Another teaser is placed on the company’s website, but without any further details. We’re normally going to dismiss this until they actually come up with the finished product, but the setting is too delicious not to give it a go and since McLaren is only going to manufacture 500 examples of the 675LT we’re going to award the necessary credit to Edo Competition. We’re also eagerly awaiting to see the finished product and find out if the German aftermarket specialists also had a go at the rest of 500 units of the 675LT Spider McLaren had the courtesy of presenting after surprising us to the coupe version.

And having a tuner work on a tailored program for a limited series supercar shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone – after all we live in a day when even Rolls-Royce is looking to produce an SUV. And we’re pretty sure someone will dare to customize that one too. We’re eagerly awaiting to see what Edo Competition has in store for us, and we’re hoping for at least a set of bespoke wheels, some carbon fiber parts and a custom exhaust system.