The refrigeration recycling program display, of Voodoo Larry "Recycled VooDoo Retro Rod"

#hashtags: #Chicago #Commonwealth Edison Co #Fine Art Fridges #Larry asked to supply a piece of art for a Chicago outdoor exhibit by Commonwealth Edison Co., in its Fine Art Fridges exhibit, which features recycled refrigerators that people have transformed into art., Larry decided to do what he does best: fabricate a custom car. The company is sponsoring the exhibit to raise awareness of its appliance recycling program, through which the company will remove a person's old refrigerator or freezer free of charge and give each customer $25 per appliance.ComEd gave Larry a choice of which refrigerator he wanted to use, and he selected a vintage 1950s Philco fridge, a 1953 Philco Advanced Design. "looked at the shape of it, and I thought that would be cool to make a little hot rod out of it" says Larry, noting he had less than two weeks to complete the transformation. The Philco had the shape of a 1928 Ford two-door sedan, says Grobe. He fabricated the frame rails, headers, the intake manifold and the grill shell. "We had to disassemble the door and then raise the door five inches above the body of the refrigerator to give it that look" says Larry. "The valance of the refrigerator door was used as the visor for the roof of the car" Though he took the handle off, Grobe left the Philco lettering and art deco design stamped on the door so users could see it was once a working refrigerator. Breaking News | Latest News Videos