The UK’s automotive industry has the highest labour productivity in Europe

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A new study shows the productivity levels in the automotive industry are the highest in Europe, but skilled engineers are not as many as they should be. According to a new report by the Automotive Council, the UK sits very well when it comes to productivity in the automotive industry, being the most efficient in Europe. By contrast, the study shows that the research and development programs and skilled engineers are falling behind. The Automotive Council says the labour productivity is at almost 100,000 euros per employee over each year, even higher than in Germany. However, the figures in the research and development programs are not as encouraging, and the skilled engineers are not as many as they should be. In the UK, the government investment in the automotive sector is 0.5 percent, while in countries like US or Germany, the spending in this field is between 0.8 percent and 1.0 percent. The report ranks the UK 13th out of 24 countries for government investment in the automotive industry programs. The main issue of this lack of skilled engineers is the low figures of total graduates from technology or engineering universities, the UK being rated just better than average in Europe. Nevertheless, when the graduates are showing their intention to be involved in the automotive world, the UK is ranked among the top countries which facilitates such a link between universities and industry. Tony Walker, chair of the Automotive Council’s business environment and skills group, and deputy managing director, Toyota Motor Manufacturing UK, said, “It is great to see further evidence of Britain’s strengths in its world-class automotive manufacturing workforce – and while there are clear areas for improvement, this report provides the basis for these to be addressed in the coming months and years.” Via Autoexpress