Theophilus Chin Renders F-PACE Coupe, Makes A Funny

#hashtags: #Whitley #Jaguar F #Utility Coupe #Jaguar

Self-titled automotive manipulator Theophilus Chin has rendered up a coupe version of the latest model to be born in Whitley. The Jaguar F-PACE shown here sans its two rear passenger doors looks equally sharp and useless like the three-door Land Rover Evoque. Therefore, good ol’ Theo also gave it the best name you could possible give such a creation — F-Utility Coupe, or F-UC. The render looks to keep the same wheelbase as the real life, four-door F-PACE but shortens it visually with longer front doors. Let’s hope that Jaguar never builds this, but dropping it a couple inches and calling it the F-RACE would work for me. Actually, I change my mind. F-UC it. [Source: Theophilus Chin]