There was little doubt it will happen: Tesla Model S limousine is currently in the making

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If Audi can deliver a six-door A8 L was there any doubt about the aftermarket sector unwilling or unable to convert the much hyped Tesla Model S electric sedan into a full-blown limousine?

California-based Big Limos has decided to look in its own backyard and headed over to fellow Californians Tesla Motors to buy a Model S for their upcoming conversion. We’re pretty shocked it took so much time before the Model S was taken in for such a conversion but it might have to do with the tuning specialists unwilling to fiddle with the dangerous and high-tech battery pack. So far we’ve been told this week we’ll get to see the facelifted Model S but Big Limos is not starting with that, as they needed a readily available example for their full blown limousine conversion. Big Limos is currently working on what the claim to be the “world’s first Tesla limo” which in the time-lapse video embedded below has been actually split in half.

There are no technical specs for the limousine as it’s a work in progress – and most likely the craftsmen will do the measuring after they complete the elongation process. By the way, a normal Model S stretches to an overall length of 196 inches (4.97 meters) and has a wheelbase of 116.5 inches (2.95 meters). We’re expecting the end result to add more than three feet (around one meter) of wheelbase span to enable a more spacious cabin. Maybe in the process they’ll also talk to Tesla to officially support them with an upgraded battery pack (as they have the space) and also nail a record for longest electric range in the end.