This cool husband surprised his wife with the rv trailer she'd grown up traveling around America in with her family, it took a lot of tracking down to find it

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Her dad had been a great guy, and wanted his kids to see America's landmarks, and spend a lot of time with his kids camping, so he bought this trailer, and it made a huge impression on his daughter... how mentioned it enough, that her husband knew it would be the coolest ever thing to get her.Her dad died in a traffic collision, and since camping was out of the question, it was passed along to other family members that could use it, but eventually it was sold off to strangers and went from Arkansas to California.... and now it's back, even though the new owners had fixed and repaired it... because they too, had lost a dad too early, and knew what it meant to reconnect this trailer with the daughter or the original owner.Her husband had it trucked back, and hid it at his work, after 2 month of trying to find it... then surprised his wife with it.