This could be the production ready 2017 Ford GT

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We already knew the stunning and surprising 2017 Ford GT was a prototype that would reach the production line with very few alterations – and it now appears we get treated to an unofficial confirmation.

A recent Internet leak from a Ford brand forum has caught a 2017 Ford GT that looks absolutely taken off the production line – and there are minor differences from the concept that made a surprise appearance almost a year ago during the 2015 edition of the North American International Auto Show in Detroit. Ford itself made an official pledge to have the design carried around 95 percent to the production series model and even if this is not a production ready unit it sure looks like it’s 99 percent close. We can see the minor differences already: larger mirrors, those ugly US-mandatory orange side markers and the side skirts and front splitter treated to a glossy finish instead of matte coating. There’s only one picture so the rear remains a mystery though we already know from Ford the 2017 GT would have modified graphics for the taillights and most likely the rear diffuser would also get the glossy finish.

The image snatched here might also have to do with the recent announcement that Ford’s GT would be the beneficiary of Corning’s new Gorilla Glass hybrid windshield. We got this idea because in the background we can see some windshields and one of them has a clear Corning branding. We’re also rooting for the US automaker to deliver the production ready GT during the same NAIAS event starting the upcoming January and then for manufacturing to start before 2016’s end.

Via Ford GT Forum (Facebook)