This is the Maruti Suzuki Swift Glory Special Edition

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Maruti Suzuki has officially introduced yet another special edition of popular Swift supermini, the so-called Glory. If you happen to be in the Maruti Suzuki Swift and you are living in an Asian market where this is sold, than you should know that you can now have yet another special edition of the small city cruiser. The vehicle in question has been called the Maruti Suzuki Swift Glory Special Edition and it has been announced officially by the car manufacturer. At this point it seems that the brand new limited edition of the supermini will only become available for order on the Indian continent but chances are its availability will be expanded in the near future to nearby markets as well. Some of the goodies found on this particular model include the multi-color body livery, the racing stripes, the side decals and several other goodies which will definitely make this popular with its future buyers. The new Maruti Suzuki Swift Glory Special Edition has received an upgraded interior as well, which includes the black and rear two-tone finish, it is missing the steering wheel mounted buttons and the start button, it doesn’t have a rear window wiper and no airbags are found here either. However, the carmaker has equipped it with rear parking sensors, with a rearview camera, an audio system with Bluetooth and more. The engine lineup includes the 1.2 liter and the 1.3 liter diesels. You can check it out in the small photo gallery posted below. Via IAB