This is the Nissan Leaf Piloted Drive 1.0 Concept

The new Nissan Leaf Piloted Drive 1.0 Concept has been officially unveiled and, in case you haven’t figured it out yet, it’s nothing more than an autonomous vehicle. Nissan is also planning the introduction of a fully autonomous car by the end of the decade, just like its main rivals, and a first step in this direction has been made recently with the introduction of the Leaf Piloted Drive 1.0 Concept. The model in question has been based on the first generation of the electric hatchback and it has received a lot of sensors which are allowing it to merge on and off the highway, to pass cars by itself, to change lanes and other actions, without any human interference. This is part of a technology package known as the Piloted Drive 1.0 and the new technologies will eventually make their way onto a final production car. This modified Leaf is bringing tens of sensors, five radar sensors, 12 cameras, four laser scanners and ultrasonic sensors. The Nissan’s general manager of advanced driver assist systems strategy and engineering division, Tetsuya Iijima, says that autonomous driving on the highway will be offered in Japan by the end of 2016 and this will include a Manual Mode, which will allow the human driver to take control of the car.