This is the Skoda Superb Laurin Klement Black Crystal

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A one-off version of the Skoda Superb Laurin Klement, called the Black Crystal, has been officially unveiled. Skoda has teamed up with PRECIOSA, the glassworks specialist, in order to create a one-off version of the Superb. The model in question is called the Black Crystal and it has been packed, obviously, with a lot of shiny crystals. The flagship vehicle signed by the Czech based automaker is also bringing the StarDust coating, consisting of small and bright crystals applied to the entire surface of the special alloy wheels. Modifications made to the midsized car haven’t stopped here as Skoda has also added the same special treatment to the front and rear Laurin & Klement logos, along with the badge on the steering wheel. This may look familiar to you and you’re not wrong to believe that because the automaker has also used it on the Tour de France winner trophies, earlier this summer. The brand new Skoda Superb Laurin Klement Black Crystal special edition is going to be shown in Prague, at the Designblok 2015, during the Czech Design and Fashion Week. Unfortunately, the carmaker hasn’t released more details or any images with the interior design of this one-off flagship model so we will return to it once Skoda decides to release more info.