This might be more than incredible engineering, it might be genius, 550 hp from a 318 poly

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It strikes me as incredible because the 318 poly has been regarded as useless for, well, since it was made. No hi perf parts support, no good stock parts interchangeable with other Mopar small blocks. It's an ugly stepchild.But... on the other hand, its got polysphere heads and pistons... is dirt cheap, and no one has ever tried to do anything with one! So, instead of another bellybutton sbc, here is a one of a kind overcoming of the intrinsic problems with a forgotten motor.To make a silk purse out of a sows ear, is an old ugly saying, but you might get the idea. The AMSOIL Engine Masters challenge finally impressed me. I usually just keep flipping the pages to something interesting, as I really don't care about more engine builds only really rich people can afford.To get 550 hp out of a lame small block with no aftermarket intake manifolds, Chris Bennet, Anthony Kinney, Corbin Dale, Travis Hilger bumped the compression to 13 to 1, punched it out to 400 cubes, found out a Hilborn injection system for an LS7 fits, and ported the heads.Full story at