This road-legal McLaren P1 GTR costs EUR6.34m

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The first road-legal McLaren P1 GTR has ended up on the second-hand market, looking for a new owner. Most people don’t know what 6.34 million euros or 7.2 million USD look like and a small percentage of the population would not know how to count them, so coming across a hypercar which is bringing the aforementioned price is not something we get to see every day. This is not a classic supercar but one extremely rare racing vehicle homologated for public roads: the McLaren P1 GTR. The British based automaker has announced its first road-legal variants of the P1 GTR a few months back and it seems that the first one is currently ready and on the lookout for a new owner. Keep in mind that this hasn’t been modified by McLaren but by a British company called Lanzante, which has received the automaker’s “blessing” for it. The exotic model is currently being offered for sale by a dealership in Italy for the above mentioned cost. McLaren has pulled the wraps off the new P1 GTR, in an official environment, during the 2015 Geneva Motor Show. This is taking aim at the Ferrari FXX K and it is a racing version of the P1 hypercar. The model is bringing carbon fiber panels in the engine bay and roof, polycarbonate windows, titanium and Inconel exhaust system and it is 50 mm lower and 80 mm wider than its road-legal brother. The total output produced is 1,000 HP (736 kW) and this is coming from a 3.8l twin turbo V8 and an electric motor. Via GTSPirit