Tokyo Motor Show: Subaru VIZIV Future Concept

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Subaru has introduced the VIZIV Future Concept at the 2015 Tokyo Motor Show, in a world premiere. The third VIZIV (Vision for Innovation) Future Concept signed by Subaru has made its public debut at the 2015 Tokyo Motor Show, recently. The model in question is getting closer and closer to offering a production car and this will happen in the near future. The third version of the vehicle is using an automatic parking function, in-house developed automated driving technology part of the EyeSight system which is allowing the car automatic driving capabilities on expressways and several other goodies. The newest concept signed by the Japanese based automaker Subaru is riding on the Subaru Global Platform, as the company is stating, and it’s bringing a hybrid setup under its hood, using a downsized turbocharged boxer engine and an electric motor, sending the power to the upgraded symmetrical all-wheel drive system. Subaru says that this is using a single motor installed on the rear axle, instead of a conventional propeller shaft, enabling a flat floor and making the cabin more comfortable and spacious. An exact production version of the VIZIV Future Concept isn’t being announced by Subaru but rumor has it that this might be seen sometimes in 2017. Additional details on the new Subaru VIZIV Concept are limited for the moment.