Tokyo Motor Show: Toyota Kikai and FCV Plus concepts

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The Kikai and FCV Plus concept cars have been introduced by Toyota during the 2015 Tokyo Motor Show. If you thought that Toyota can miss out on the action at the 2015 Tokyo Motor Show, you will be surprised because there is no possible way that one the largest automakers out there can ignore the biggest automotive event on its local market. The car manufacturer has pulled the wraps off the Kikai Concept which is bringing a unique exterior design telling us that this isn’t your average Toyota car. The vehicle is helping key components, like the engine, exhaust and fuel tank, to be on display, and it has a 3-person seating interior arrangement, with the driver in the center. The futuristic looking FCV Plus Concept has been also unveiled by Toyota, during the same automotive event. This is bringing a panoramic windscreen, a floating roof, glass doors, LED headlights, angular air intakes and a bespoke interior. The new one-off vehicle is bringing a fuel-cell powertrain and four independent motors, fitted inside the wheels. Toyota also says that this model can be used as a mobile power station as it has the capability to run on external hydrogen tanks as well and to feed power back in the electrical grid. You can take a closer look at both concept cars, signed by Toyota, in the photo gallery posted below.