Top Gear USA will stop broadcasting after today’s episode

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Rutledge Wood has recently dropped a bombshell, announcing that today’s Top Gear USA episode is in fact the last one to be broadcast.

Wood took to star favorite social media – this time Instagram – to reveal the demise of the Top gear USA show as we know it, adding that today’s evening episode is the final one. He added that doesn’t mean the Top Gear USA series will never be broadcast again but “it’s done for the immediate future on History.” Alongside his colleagues Adam Ferrara and Tanner Foust, he added his wishes that one day Top Gear USA will be back on TV for a new season. We can see the demise coming in since the US version never quite captured the interest of the audience as the British original managed – and at least they can say the show had a quite successful run for the past six seasons. We can’t see the light at the end of the tunnel right now for the TG USA though, as the original UK version is in itself bewildered by its own problems.

Additionally, in reading the fine print between the lines of the lengthy post on Instagram, we can tell Wood is hoping another network might find it useful to snatch the TG brand for a seventh show – after all Top Gear on History didn’t sound quite right in the first place. By the way, the UK version appears to finally be picking up some pace with the increase in audience – though it appears the two main hosts remain at odds with each other.

Via Rutledge Wood (Instagram)