Toyota head believes diesel technology should not be smeared by VW scandal

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Japan’s Toyota is not only the largest company in the country but also the biggest automaker in the world, recapturing its title during the third quarter after it had lost the battle after the first six months to Germany’s Volkswagen AG. But the largest European automaker is now being engulfed by its biggest business crisis in its 78-year history following the admission it had intentionally cheated on diesel emission tests in the United States and its illegal software had been fitted for years in up to 11 million autos sold around the globe. Now, on the sidelines of the innovative Tokyo Motor Show, where the Japanese brands brought their latest advancements in terms of green and autonomous vehicles, Toyota’s president said diesel technology should not bear the shame of the VW scandal and deliveries of such models should not go down. He added the company would still use the technology where it best suits its needs, such as in trucks. “Diesel has its merits, and it would be wrong if the ongoing scandal led to the end of diesel use,” commented Akio Toyoda during the event. The top ranking executive added he was sure Toyota would become a world leader in terms of developing advanced automated driving technology. The company has already announced this month it would bring semi-autonomous technology into Japan-bound vehicles soon and vehicles that can drive autonomously by about 2020. Via Reuters