Toyota helping “sleepy” US college students hitch Uber rides

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Don’t say the Japanese automaker has remained the same dated company – just look at this piece of news: Toyota, Uber and The Huffington Post have banded together to offer cheaper Uber rides to college students in the US this month.

The three companies are actually working collectively in a project that is aimed at increasing awareness regarding the dangers of driving while drowsy. Huffington Post’s co-founder and editor-in-chief, Arianna Huffington, has decided to embark on a tour across college campuses in the US this month to deliver speeches regarding the importance of catching a good sleep and in the mean time she will also promote her latest book called “The Sleep Revolution.” All students from included colleges will automatically get a $15 price cut for an Uber ride to or from campus with support from Toyota. The only thing is the discount has a deadline, five days after her visit and students will be notified through an e-mail or notification if they have the Uber smartphone app.

The promo code will be including a message from Toyota: ”Nice work studying late. Now Toyota would like to help you get home safely.” The idea ties in with the recent studies in the journal Nature and Science of Sleep, which claim 70 percent of students don’t get enough sleep. We can imagine that sleep deprivation doesn’t come only due to studying but we give kudos to Toyota for attempting to teach this safety lesson, nevertheless.

Via The Huffington Post