Toyota KIKAI Concept announced for Tokyo

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The new Toyota KIKAI Concept will be officially presented to the public at the 2015 Tokyo Motor Show, in a premiere. The newest model to be signed by the Japanese based automaker Toyota is called the KIKAI and this is nothing else than a simple concept at this point with a weird exterior design. The vehicle in question is adopting the steampunk theme and it is mixing the looks of a buggy and that of a hot rod, for a unique shape, bringing the exposed parts. “This concept takes the machinery, normally hidden beneath the vehicle body, and makes an open display of its beauty. Directly expressed in this way, the vehicle’s inner workings become part of the exterior. In addition to the carefully designed form, continued into details including the fuel tank, reserve tank, and exhaust pipes, the analog-style meters and switches offer an engaging dialog with the machinery”, says the automaker in its press release. The Toyota KIKAI Concept stands at 3,400 mm long, 1,800 mm wide and 1,550 mm tall, riding on a 2,450 mm long wheelbase. This is capable of carrying three people in its cabin, with the driver sitting up front and the occupants on the two rear seats. Visibility is expected to be good considering the size of the windows. Don’t expect a production version of this however because this is nothing more than a show car. More details on it are limited at the moment and will be announced during the Japanese automotive event.