Toyota’s green 2050 objective drives supplier alarm

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The Japanese automaker’s second largest auto parts supplier has commented on the company’s drive to practically rule out conventional engines by 2050, calling it a wake-up call for parts makers to reform their businesses. Yasumori Ihara, who started as Aisin Seiki Co.’s president in June, but formerly directed the automaker’s emerging markets operations, said Toyota has an objective that puts component producers on a transformative path to supply the needed parts for the cars that will mostly be hybrid and fuel cell models. “We need to be prepared, as electrification means our engine parts and transmissions are not going to be used in cars anymore,” commented Ihara during the Tokyo Motor Show. His comments are among the first coming from a Tier 1 Toyota parts supplier since the automaker showcased its environmentalist ambitions earlier this month – soon after the massive diesel emissions scandal at Volkswagen AG erupted. Japan’s Toyota, the largest company in the country and the biggest automaker in the world, has decided that 90 percent of emissions today coming from its vehicles will vanish by 2050 – aiming to have a lineup that would mostly consist of hybrids, plug-in hybrids and fuel cell vehicles that use hydrogen to produce electricity. Headed by chairman Kanshiro Toyoda, a member of Toyota’s founding clan, Aisin Seiki currently derives at least half of total sales from the engine and transmission unit, but it’s also currently expanding into car-navigation and parking-assist systems in a bid to secure a piece of the autonomous driving market. Via Bloomberg