Tractor speeds up on Autobahn with more than 62mph [VIDEO]

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The Autobahn is usually famous for the speed cars reach and for being a paradise for supercars pulling off 180mph by far. And while you might expect people riding on the Autobahn to have onboard cameras to spot these beauties, you might be surprised to spot a tractor. And one that speeds up and overtakes you. German highways, in case you did not know, provide enough gas stations so you don’t have to worry about fuel consumption. Maybe that’s why this tractor was going with more than 100 km/h, meaning 62 mph. The cameraman shows the car’s board when his van was overtaken by no other vehicle than a tractor. And while we can’t tell why their car was not going with a higher speed, we can definitely agree that the tractor was going crazy fast. And what’s more „humiliating” for the van drivers, is that the tractor was pulling a camper trailer! We can see that the tractor had been tuned or modified to be able to drive like that, having lowered suspensions and a possible engine swap, if we judge by the sound it made when surpassing the cameraman in the car. If you wonder who would change a tractor’s engine and transmission and then ride it like a maniac on the famous Autobahn, well, the proof is in the video. If you know the guys in the tractor, let us know, it would be funny to find out more about that tuned tractor and where they were going to so fast. Check out below the weird moment spotted on the German highway: