Transformers movie also gets the all-new Mercedes-AMG GT R

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“The Beast of the Green Hell” has just been unleashed, and it’s already racking up points in Hollywood. Michael Bay – the forever after director of the Transformers franchise – has recently announced the character Drift will be back using the image of the AMG bomb.

We have seen how beloved character Bumblebee will look like and we also got a hang to its bad alter-ego, which is played in automotive form by a Ford Mustang (of course). Now we find out the Autobot called Drift will make another appearance in the next installment of the franchise – Transformers: The Last Knight. While the Autobot previously appeared in the other installments as a Bugatti Veyron, this time around it has chosen a more “incognito” appearance – using the image of a Mercedes-AMG GT R. While the German automaker has promoted the model in green to go along with the Nurburgring Nordschleife theme, in the movie it will use a black paint with red accent stripes and new wheels.

We’re unsure if the Drift character will keep the internals of the AMG model, but we can tell you the GT R you’ll be able to own has a tuned 4 .0-liter biturbo V8 engine which in this installment delivers an impressive 577 horsepower. Among the other goodies we can also mention the modified seven-speed dual-clutch transmission, carbon fender flares, functional active aerodynamics, a lightweight exhaust, and new alloys.