Tuning job from Strut will give you headaches identifying changes to Jeep Wrangler

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You have today three iconic off-roaders still in production – the US-born Wrangler, the UK-based Land Rover Defender (not for long though) and the Germany-bred Mercedes-Benz G-Class. Either one is a true icon of the modern times, embodying for fans and much of the world the quintessence of off-roading and vehicular adventure. Naturally, they’ve been touched by a myriad of tuners and some of them went from extreme capabilities to morphing these “beasts” into lifestyle partners. But for sure one of the choices – the US Wrangler – can say it can reach both worlds with relative ease: it’s a capable rough terrain partner but also a car that can relatively easy morph into a convertible for beach parties. And fans are always picky about customization jobs, so STRUT, a California-based accessories specialist, has decided to offer an option that will change the appearance of the car without receiving any complaints from the extensive fan base. That’s because they have decided to offer three different grille variants – though all of them have the usual seven slots design. Another odd occurrence is the fact they all feature a strikingly similar design to the original. The thing that sets them apart is the material choice – either Stainless Steel, Fiberglass, or Carbon Fiber. Another characteristic is the level of craftsmanship involved, with STRUT describing them as featuring “jewelry-grade stainless steel surround and diamond woven mesh” which kind of excuses the steep asking price – from $1,900 to $4.500.