UK: Chinese-owned MG refreshes MG3 for 2016 model year

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Mild upgrades have been bestowed on the 2016 model year MG3 subcompact, which has received a start/stop system and Euro 6-compliant engine. The British marquee, under Chinese ownership today, has recently revealed its updated 2016 MG3 which comes with subtle technical tweaks to keep it relevant on the market. Orders can be placed as of next week and the upgraded supermini has a tweaked 4-cylinder engine that is now Euro 6-compliant and also uses a start-stop system to be more fuel efficient and deliver lower emissions of 124g/km of CO2. The powerplant has 106 HP (78 kW) and has been mated to a standard five-speed manual gearbox. Matthew Cheyne, head of sales and marketing for MG, says the new MG3 delivers “a little bit more, with the addition of some great features, but still keeping the price low, making it great value for money and setting us apart from our competitors.” To “complement the MG family face”, the MG3 has been adorned with a refreshed chrome grille and can also be had in two new exterior shades – Red Rose and Hello Yellow, available with a contrasting roof in white or black. Five equipment levels can be had, with the most affordable being the MG3 3Time starting at 8,399 GBP. Next up comes the MG3 3Form at 9,599 GBP followed by the MG3 3Form Sport at 9,899 GBP. Moving on comes the upscale MG3 3Style with an asking price of 10,499 GBP and the top of the line MG3 3Style Lux which can be had for 10,999 GBP.