Understanding The Basics of Auto Racing Safety Equipment

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If you can't afford good safety equipment, you can't afford to go racing or performance driving, participate in HPDE or autocross events, or do whatever form of motorsport you do. To me, safety equipment is the price of entry. And there's no point in using cheap, sub-par safety equipment. Well, unless your life is not worth anything. I know, I know... you participate at a level where you don't need the latest and greatest safety equipment. But that's just an excuse - a poor one. If you're going to drive on a track or course, don't scrimp. Having said that, if you're participating in an HPDE event, no, you don't need the same equipment that someone in pro racing does. And that's why it's important to have someone that really knows safety equipment advise you on what you need and don't need. ‚ÄčOne such expert is Bob Zecca, who has operated Driving Impressions since 1983.