Update to Toyota’s GT86 to come with a host of tweaks

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The affordable sports coupe that was developed in partnership with Japanese rival Subaru will receive a timely makeover next year and it appears the world’s largest automaker is readying a full treat. The improvements will hit dynamics, especially the engine and chassis, though the company has not been overtly specific yet. The current model uses a 2.0-litre boxer engine (147kW/205Nm) and everyone naturally expects at least a mild increase in power. According to Tetsuya Tada, Toyota’s chief engineer for sports cars and the executive in charge of the model’s development said on the sidelines of the Tokyo Motor Show the modifications would hit “everything”. He mainly talked about “engine, body, suspension” and also hinted towards a carbon-roofed version in the style of the well-known BMW M3 CSL. With numerous design, architecture and powertrain changes, the 86’s base price is also expected to go up a notch, though that could also be mitigated by adding more standard equipment inside the cabin. Moving on to the next generation 86, expected around 2019, Tada dismissed the widely rumored turbocharged WRX boxer engine solution. “The WRX turbo is not a good solution for future fuel consumption and CO2,” he commented during an interview. “I think turbo is a really easy solution. I always say we try to show something new, always something challenging,” he added. The engineer did say one of the most important challenges was the sports’ car engine sound, with high compression delivering “a boring engine sound”. He did say the successor would most likely employ a smaller, high-revving engine – with the latest electric turbochargers a worthy solution. Via motoring