US: A new startup company allowed to test self-driving cars

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A startup company called Zoox, which apparently also aims to build self-driving cars, received green light in California to test its autonomous vehicles on the state’s public roads.

The automotive industry is currently on a self-driving fever, with many companies announcing their intentions to deploy autonomous vehicles sometime in the near future. And, of course, there is the ride-sharing trend, a direction which is increasingly tackled by automakers as well. Zoox, a relatively unknown startup, is also aiming to take part in these movements and to build self-driving cars for ride-hailing service. Their intention is to put their model on roads by 2020, according to a report last year in the trade publication IEEE Spectrum. And, as all the “players” that are developing smart cars, Zoox needs to test its technology on public roads in order to advance in its quest. The startup applied this month for a permit and received on Tuesday the ok from the California Department of Motor Vehicles, Bloomberg reports.

Therefore, Zoox is hitting the roads alongside companies such as Google or Ford, which are already heavily testing their autonomous skills. The automakers are speeding up their efforts into the mobility field, so that they can compete with services such as Uber. General Motors, for example, lately made some strong moves in this direction. This year only, it announced the creation of a dedicated team to oversee the further progress of its self-driving projects, invested in Lyft, formed a new car-sharing brand called Maven and bought San Francisco-based autonomous driving startup Cruise Automation.

Via Bloomberg