US: Alaska is the most expensive state for car repairs

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Fixing your car can be quite a costly affair and turns out to be even more expensive if you live up north, according to

You would think that fixing your car in highly-populated areas is more expensive than if you go for some car repairs in services located in remote states. However, repairs tend to be a costlier business in the North than in the South of the United States, according to While their repair index shows a national average of 1,176 dollars for such costs, Alaska is on top with 1,374 dollars, 17 percent more. Going to the car capital of the US, Michigan, does not mean that you will pay much less, as the birthplace of the auto industry is ranking 2nd with an average cost of 1,289 dollars, while Connecticut, Massachusetts and Missouri round out this top five.

To calculate the average costs, used its proprietary database to measure them for three common repairs – water pump, alternator, and brake pad replacements – on three popular cars -2010 Ford F-150, 2010 Honda Accord, and 2010 BMW 328i – in a range of zip codes across each US state. The website chose 2010 models because they’re out of warranty by now and would have spent enough time on the road to need repairs.

When it comes to the most affordable states, West Virginia is the place to go with 1,033 dollars, followed by Kentucky, Arkansas, Wyoming and Mississippi.

Via Detroit Free Press