US: BMW leads the premium battle in November, while Mercedes stumbles

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Mercedes-Benz reported an unexpected fell in November’s sales, while BMW takes advantage of this situation and extends its lead in the battle for the luxury segment. The fight for the premium crown in the past few years was a close one, with BMW and Mercedes-Benz in the limelight. BMW had a slight lead over its main rival through October, with only 555 extra cars sold in the US, while Lexus was ranked third with 5,584 units behind the boss of the luxury segment. But November sales reports show Mercedes lost some ground, with a 13 percent downfall to 30,043 vehicles. Still, for the year, Mercedes’ US sales have increased 4 percent to 308,885 cars. On the other side of the front, BMW had a 3.2 percent increase in deliveries for the last month up to 32,003, while for the year its sales grew 4.4 percent to 311,398 vehicles. Therefore, BMW US widened its year-to-date lead over Mercedes to 2,513 vehicles from 555 at the end of October. The third spotter, Lexus, saw a 7 percent rise in sales to 29,340 vehicles in November, while for the year its deliveries have been boosted by 12 percent to 303,221 vehicles. The November reports mean Lexus is unlikely to catch BMW for the year, said Eric Lyman, TrueCar vice president of industry insights. “It’s something they could manage if they were willing to go nuts on incentives. But I can’t see them doing that just to get the sales crown.” Total US sales increased 1.2 percent in November to 1.3 million vehicles. Total year-to-date sales have gained 5 percent to 15.8 million, about 1.6 million vehicles behind of the all-time annual US sales record. Via Automotive News