US: California looking into six-cylinder diesel engines from VW AG

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The California Air Resources Board has decided to expand its testing procedure that seeks to find the “defeat devices” used by VW AG to cheat on diesel emission tests and also probe larger diesel-powered cars from two subsidiaries. The regulator will also test 3.0-liter V6 diesel engines used by VW’s luxury units Audi and Porsche – the latest models being investigated are the Porsche Cayenne and the Audi A6, said Stanley Young, communications director for the Air Resources Board. Volkswagen announced on Tuesday the engine software cheat that triggered the rigged emission testing scandal in the US could encompass 11 million autos across the globe – most likely in an effort to mitigate the coming findings of investigations by national regulators worldwide. “That investigation looked at two-litre four-cylinder engines,” commented Young. “Now we’re going to start looking at six-cylinder, three-litre diesel engines.” The official said the VW engineers acknowledged the use of the “defeat device” – in earnest a software algorithm – to rig state and federal emissions standards back on September 3 during a meeting with the board in California – attendees were senior engineering executives and officials of the regulator. “They literally ran out of excuses,” added Young, as this was the tenth meeting called by the CARD to present the difference between pollution levels seen in traffic and the ones coming from the controlled testing conditions. Via Reuters