US: Consumer Reports slaps former favorite Tesla Model S for lack of reliability

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The influential magazine awarded a perfect score of 100 out of 100 to the all-electric Tesla Model S during its review of the model but has now moved to retract its recommendation because of reliability issues. This could count as a major image blow to the luxury electric-powered car which initially received the highest-ever score across the US magazine’s performance standards. The decision stemmed from the publication of the results of its annual survey of vehicle reliability, sending down Tesla’s shares and showcasing the massive gamble taken by Tesla and other automakers to introduce leading technologies across the board, from fuel-saving systems to feature rich digital multimedia systems. The Consumer Reports also said “an emerging trend of increased troubles” across a wide array of vehicles is clear as they move to new technologies designed to boost mileage. The findings illustrate how the cutting edge technology – from drivetrains to transmissions to infotainment systems – also delivers a higher level of breaking down over the vehicle’s lifecycle, hitting the reliability standards expected by car owners as they grew accustomed with the mature level of technologies. Tesla’s stock alone took a 11.4 percent dive initially before closing down 6.6 percent to $213.03 on Tuesday after the magazine’s editors presented their findings during a meeting of Detroit’s Automotive Press Association. They said owners of Tesla Model S sedans found “an array of detailed and complicated maladies” but fortunately 97 percent of respondents would purchase another car from the brand because the Palo Alto-based company fixed all issues “with a minimum of fuss to owners.” Via Reuters