US: despite humongous diesel scandal, VW and Audi sales soar in September

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While other automakers delivered spectacular double-digit gains almost across the board in the US, Volkswagen managed to increase its US sales last month by 0.6 percent. This rise was massively smaller than at competitors but it also trumped analyst expectations which predicted major backlash on the automaker’s sales after the German company admitted recently it had cheated on diesel emissions tests in the country. Naturally, Volkswagen did not release any figures for its diesel fleet, including the models that were issued a stop sale order last week – but we do know the company’s incentives were above the industry average. According to a statement by the US subsidiary of VW AG, the namesake VW brand surged 0.6 percent last month while its luxury Audi marquee jumped 16 percent in line with other peers in the segment. Overall, sales were up 5.9 percent to 43,481 units, with Mark McNabb, chief operating officer for Volkswagen of America adding “Volkswagen will continue to work diligently to regain trust and confidence in our brand.” According to industry research firm Autodata Corp., incentives jumped last month $479, or 17 percent, to $3,381, while the industry average was at $3,144. The Volkswagen brand, never a top player of the US auto market, has been down 2.5 percent since the start of the year while the overall US auto industry is pushing through its best level in more than a decade. Audi is more fortunate though, with a healthy 13 percent growth during the first nine months of the year, as September figures tallied 17,340 units, a record for the month in the US. Via Bloomberg