US: Domino’s own delivery auto built with help from GM and Google partner

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Domino’s Pizza Inc., which two years ago initiated a contest to have its upcoming delivery car envisioned by designers around the world is now planning to build a fleet of custom rides. In the face of increased competition and more upscale consumers, Domino’s is working with GM to have the project that was inked two years ago by Romanian designer Marian Cilibeanu brought to real life. The company is now using a fleet of 100 test vehicles that wear the logo and red-and-blue colors, with the vehicle based off the Chevrolet Spark minicar. According to a recent statement, the cars would be used in 25 markets, including Boston, Dallas, Detroit, Houston, New Orleans and Seattle. General Motors was an obvious partner since it’s the company producing the smallish Spark and the second-largest U.S. pizza company has also tapped Roush Enterprises, the company building Google’s bubble shaped autonomous cars, to retrofit the Sparks for the project. The modified-car program will remain small but the company intends to use technology and custom features to allow drivers to maintain an edge – for example in the rear there’s an easily accessible oven (even from outside) that keeps pizzas warm during transit. “As people have tried to compete with us around the world in delivery, I think they have found out over time that it’s operationally not as easy to operate as people may think,” comments Chief Executive Officer J. Patrick Doyle. Called the DXP, the vehicle was also designed with support from former GM executive Kenneth Baker, and uses a seat for the driver alone while the rest of the space has been retrofit to hold food items, including up to 80 pizzas. Via Bloomberg