US: FCA – UAW deal supported by rank and file members in ratification process

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United Auto Workers union members, according to local union hall websites, have turned up supportive in early voting counts on Wednesday night of the tentative four year labor deal with Fiat Chrysler Automobiles. The UAW could deliver the final results of the ratification vote that took place Tuesday and Wednesday later on today and the deal is expected to be the template for the upcoming negotiations with GM and Ford. Key local union halls from Kokomo, Indiana, and Belvidere, Illinois, appear to have been positive by more than 80 percent to the agreement, according to their own websites – both locations combine to make up about a third of the 40,000 Fiat Chrysler UAW members. These combine with other positive results reported by the media from local halls in Michigan, Ohio, Illinois and Indiana – all showing wide and overwhelming support for the new Fiat Chrysler deal. Last month the situation was exactly the opposite, when the previous contract was soundly rejected by 65 percent of Fiat Chrysler workers who voted. With the new contract closing in on ratification, the UAW is expected to then move to announce their upcoming target for negotiations – either GM or Ford. The new FCA contract shows a clear path for second tier workers to the top pay grade, over the span of eight years, includes the first wage hike in over a decade for veteran workers and also eliminated a proposal to pool healthcare for workers at all three Detroit carmakers which was met with confusion and distrust by many workers. Via Reuters