US: FCA workers react differently to proposed UAW contract

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During the weekend and on Monday Fiat Chrysler Automobiles workers and their UAW representatives met in a bid to have answers to certain concerns in regards to the recently agreed tentative contract draft released late last week. Some of the workers expressed concern over the fact that some of their queries have been left out of the tentative deal. Among them, the Tier Two worker cap as the UAW did not include any limit to the percentage of new hires. They have also been weary of the healthcare issue, with many seeking to know if there are changes to the workers’ out-of-pocket expenses. They have also asked about the early retirement incentives or the so-called “Cola”, which is the cost-of-living adjustment, with the UAW abandoning it a few contracts ago and not restoring it now either. The prospective deal does include salary hikes for the 40,000 employees during the four-year period and will also seek to lower the bridge between the Tier 2 workers and the veteran employees, while also including certain bonuses and a new profit-sharing scheme. As far as healthcare is concerned, the UAW aims to keep them unchanged by pooling the resources of active workers in a co-op. The UAW president Dennis Williams also added last week thee would also be targeted buyouts but did not detail the specific numbers or facilities. Numerous workers have had a negative reaction on UAW Facebook pages and numerous calls have been issued for the employees to gain more information before voting starts.