US: Ford ready to update spectacular Shelby GT350 Mustang’s 5.2L V8 engine

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The United Auto Workers has recently signed a tentative agreement with the second largest US automaker and the details have started perspiring, including all important plans of the company that involve some of our favorite models. One such case is the marvelous Shelby GT350 Mustang, which – according to Page 8 of the deal (Product Commitment) can be found in the long list of engine, transmission, and driveline decisions that make the most of the $9 billion investment the company has pledged to its US operations. We saw there that the Blue Oval is preparing three new transmissions, but most importantly we also noticed the spectacular 5.2L V8 engine deployed under the hood of the track-oriented Shelby GT350 Mustang will receive an update. The upgrade is currently tightly wrapped in secrecy so we don’t have any technical details to share with you at the moment. Most likely, this means the 2016 model year GT350 Mustang will not be the last production model for this variant and we can also bet the next iteration will have more than the current 526 horsepower. In other related news, a huge chunk of the investment program – $1.8 billion to be more precise – will be heading towards the Livonia Transmission Plant in Michigan where the automaker currently manufactures the 6R80 6-speed automatic and where the company plans to introduce “three new transmissions”. Among them is rumored to be the one co-developed with their long time rivals GM – a very interesting 10-speed automatic gearbox.