US: Ford says Trump has no impact on either Mexico or US plans

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The second largest US automaker has been a constant target for Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump but Ford announced on Monday it was undeterred in its strategy to further invest in Mexico. Trump has been flagging the Dearborn carmaker for six months for its drive to invest in Mexico in almost every possible occasion – his latest apparition in a “Today” show roundtable with voters in New Hampshire on Monday reiterated the chagrin. He – mistakenly, actually – said he should be credited for having convinced Ford to give up its plans for a new factory in Mexico and instead opening a new one in the United States. “Mexico took a Ford plant. I’ve been very tough on the Ford. … I heard last night that Ford is moving back to the United States — they may not do that deal. I get credit for that — I should get credit for that,” Trump commented during a live interview. Ford actually has no current plans to construct a new facility in the United States – the last one opened was the Dearborn Truck Plant back in 2004. While it may yet be possible for the carmaker to bring back more work from Mexico after the UAW negotiations for a new four-year contract deal, Ford has already announced it has no intention to cancel its significant commitment to Mexico – or build a new US facility. “Ford has not spoken with Mr. Trump, nor have we made any changes to our plans,” read a company statement. Trump’s statements have also misstated at times the level of Ford commitment to Mexico – the automaker is constructing a new engine and transmission plant and expanding another auto parts facility.